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Feel your moment of Sen

Genius Seducer

Sena Flash
20 February 1985
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Sena here.

I'm just me, really.

the Supernatural mood theme sported here was made by meee.

Aaand my icon/fanfic/art journal:

a very potter musical, alphas, art, art history, backstreet boys, batman, bill bailey, cartoon, chronicles of narnia, comic book movies, comics, dark angel, dc comics, dean winchester, disney, drawing, england, evil!sam, explosions, fan fiction, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, fantastic four, film, friends, giant porn hands, gordon tracy, graphic novels, green arrow, harry potter, hawk girl, hobbits, hot fuzz, howard moon, human torch/spider-man, illustration, international rescue, internet, j-squared, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen's freckles, jensen's lips, johnny storm, johnny/peter, julian barratt, justice league, justice league unlimited, justin hartley, kaos, kink, lord of the rings, manly bonding, manly boys, marvel comics, max/alec, merry, metallicar, middle earth, mighty boosh, misfits, misfits e4, monty python, moony, movies, mr. fantastic, mullet rock, music, nathan barley, new zealand, new zealand music, nick frost, nightwing, noel fielding, opening jars by myself, padfoot, parties, peter parker, pippin, pop art, posters, pretty boys, reading, reed richards, remus lupin, return of the king, robin, rock music, role-playing, rpg, sam winchester, scotland, scottish accents, sequential art, shaun of the dead, shopping, simon pegg, singing, singing loudly, sirius black, slash, sleeping, smeckles, smut, spider-man, star wars, sue storm, superheroes, superman, supernatural, team america, the flash, the goonies, the heirs, the human torch, the incredibles, the invisible woman, the mighty boosh, the thing, thunderbird 2, thunderbird 4, thunderbirds, thundersmut, tony diterlizzi, tracy island, ultimate marvel universe, very secret diaries, vince noir, virgil tracy, wally west, web comics, welsh men, wincest, wolverine/spiderman, writing, x-men